Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Diolaugue wrighting

"Im better than you at dancing," said Micheal Jaskson.
"OOOOHHHH NO your not," screamed Elvis Presley
"Lets take it to the bath room," yelled Micheal Jackson.
"FINE," said Elvis.
"Wait don't you mean the dance floor," said Elvis
"Yeah what ever," said Micheal
"Where is the dance floor?" said Elvis
Michael replied "under your blue suede shoes,"
They both start dancing Micheal slips
"I WIN I WIN," skites Elvis
"It was a thriller of a competion," said Micheal.

Inter school athletics

I am so nervis the inter school is comming up I'm in the team
because I won the try outs for shot put and I won it so thats
how Im in the team. I can't wait untill the inter school because
I want to get it over and done with. I hope I win but I heard that
someone from another school can through it 11 meters THATS
FAR AS. I think that was a lie to freak me out from the inter schools