Sunday, April 25, 2010

The haunted school

Once apon a time there was a haunted school called Riverdale School all of the teachers are zombies and talk in zombie language the zombie teacher said something to a student it sounded really weird and he had no idea what they said every one was gone he went inside it looked the same as his school only haunted.He was wondering he has never seen a Zombie in town so where do they go after. He kept looking there was a teacher he hid the teacher was Zombie TC he thought that there was a spy and was looking around his school and was trying to make the zombie school the same as his school.When he went to school the next day it was a zombie school so he thought that all of the schools in Palmerston north were Zombie fide then he thought that someone made a weird chemical and spilt it on the ground in room 13 every one was Zombie fide but him he thought that was really weird

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  1. This looks like a fun story, but you need to get your fullstops in to make it make sense.