Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The big fish

When I went to the beach we went fishing on a boat we went over the shark net so we would catch some really big fish we sat there waiting I herd a thump our boat shaked “I got a bite” I was pulling really hard it snapped the line and it took my bait it was a barracuda I was so angry I put a new line on and flung it into the water we waited 30min “I got another bite yay yippy” I was pulling really hard and even harder than last time I just about got pulled into the water I pulled and pulled I fell into the water I climbed in the boat as fast as lightning I was soaked I saw my rod skimming across the water as fast as you can blink it was gone it was coming back that was weird and it let go of the rod i picked it up i flung it into the water "I got a bite I got something massive i was something from the ocean depths I was a huge thing the size of a wale but it is way uglier it looked like a prehistoric sea monster from about sixty five million years ago two weeks later i was in the news paper the title was called 'Hadley and the big fish'

By Hadley

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